Ed Piper Bari - Past President

Ed Piper Bari: I have been in the NCC for 10 years now, and am the immediate Past President. I brought little formal musical experience to the Chordsmen. Proficiency in sight reading was not crucial and access to our music library’s audio tracks made learning my parts surprisingly fun, while providing three other voices to sing with on my way to work. Learning six or seven new songs a year—not counting our Holiday program—adds up to quite a repertoire after a decade. I’m the Baritone in a quartet, aptly named “Workin Progress.” I’m a clinical psychologist by day, and managing our woodlot, plowing, and singing warms our home and hearts. There’s no better place on this planet to pursue happy destiny than right here in the Upper Valley. My wife Pam and I sang together with Harmony Night and are blessed with a Mother-in-law who knows all the old songs, sons enough for a quartet, and a musical Daughter for good measure.