Michael Pacht Lead, Assistant Director

Michael Pacht, lead, was born in Brooklyn, raised on Long Island, and educated in Iowa and Washington DC. Although I’ve been in business, sold insurance, and owned 1/3 of a restaurant, for most of my professional life, I practiced law. Ten years ago, Barbara (my wife and love of my life) and I bought the Applebutter Inn and moved to Woodstock, Vermont. I studied the piano for years, and played several other instruments through the years. I have two hobbies: 1) music (classical from the Baroque era to the 1950’s, rock n’ roll and, of course, barbershop); and, 2) cooking. As I departed for law school, Mom presented me with a copy of The Joy of Cooking. In those days, chicken was 19 cents per pound, so I probably wore out the poultry section. Barbara and I have two wonderful daughters (Bari and Jenny), married to two wonderful men (Jeff and Eddie, respectively). Our wonderful grandchildren (from Bari and Jeff) are Murphy (16) and Jack (11), and Zach (10) and Carly (6) from Jenny and Eddie.